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Re: Programmable wiper relay???

Bernard Littau writes:
> I've seen some discussion on the programmable wiper relay, but I don't quite
> get what might do for me.
> I have an '88 5kcstq: How does this thing work, and how is it programmed?

It's a replacement wiper relay that lets you program the intermittent
delay interval.  You set it by turning on the wiper to the intermittent
position, let it wipe once, return to the off position and wait for the
desired delay interval, then switch it back to the intermittent position.
The intermittent mode will now delay for the programmed interval.  The
relay will revert back to 6 seconds if the ignition has been shut off.

It's a bit clunky to use, but it works without an additional adjustment
wheel and can be retrofitted to just about any VW or Audi.  Wolfsport
sells these ( http://www.wolfsport.com ).

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