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Re: 85 UrQ SPARK!!!!!!


works the same on 4K's too.

On Mon, 20 Dec 1999 18:21:11 -0500 Robert Parker
<parker.robert@towerautomotive.com> writes:
>I believe the OXS sensor has a reset button on the spedo cable box 
>the driverside hood hinge, you can reset your oxs light... take a
>screwdriver and push in the reset...
>-=Bob=- wrote:
>> Well, Dr. Semple saved my hide again.  The distributor was out of 
>> window. One tiny twist and up it came!
>> The OXS light stays on all the time. Connections on the sensor 
>> fine, im guessing its time for a new one? Would have been a piece 
>> cake when I had the engine bay empty.. Figures. At least its the 
>> wire one, so they are cheap.
>> Thanks all that responded, Im now on my way!
>> Bob
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