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Re: o-rings

I just went and got all the parts I ordered from carparts.com.  I did not
get that part #.  But, it sounds right.  I just ordered every o-ring I saw
for my car on their site.  Sorry, I do not know what a 24061 is.  I did get
a 24610 which is listed as a "hose fitting o-ring."  It is a bunch of
o-rings - all the same size.  I also ordered and got a 24613 which is listed
as "compressor o-rings."  They are also a whole bunch of o-rings - all the
same size.  In looking over all the parts I got, there is no kit containing
different parts.  Each part number denotes a particular size o-ring.  They
were so cheap that I just ordered them all.  I think now I will order a
24061.  I intend to rebuild the compressor next Spring.

All these parts are sold by Everco, Murray, and 4 Seasons.  I think one of
those companies bought one or both of the other.  Try the following sites
for some more info.


This page lists parts for Nippondenso compressors, including seals and


My '88 5KSQ (not a turbo CS) takes a Nippondenso 10P17.  I believe yours is
the same, but you can look at the part number on it to be sure.

Also see www.aircondition.com for info and bulletin boards for automotive
A/C stuff.

The people who rebuild these compressors get their parts someplace.

I hope all this helps.  Sorry it is so disjointed, but I am trying to give
as much information as I have.

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> Hi Chris.  I've been talking w/ carparts.com.  They gave me the part #
> 24061, which is a compressor o-ring kit.  Does this jive with yours.  The
> cost is $19.64, much better, but just not sure if these are the ones I
> TIA,
> Rich