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Re: center support bearing mount/cheap parts prices

My mount is kind of worn so I'm going to replace the mount and bearing.  I 
found Igor Kessel's old post about using Mercedes parts.  My parts man 
confirmed that his # fits many euro vehicles and the prices are RIGHT.  $15 
for the rubber ring mount and $9 for the bearing.  I'll let you all know how 
they fit in a few weeks.  Also anyone interested in CHEAP prices and good 
service might want to check out Import Parts Specialists out in Idaho. (no 
connection)  I've used them 4 times now for major purchases and their prices 
are unreal.  $100 for new G60 calipers, $50 for Ate atom grooves for the 
front, $23 for rear discs, $8.99 for liquid gold, etc.  You can check them 
out at 1-800-897-7278.  Like I said, I have no interests in this, other than 
they always gave me a good deal.

Jim Accordino