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UrQ dripping coolant

Well, my UrQ sprung a leak today...nothing catastrophic, just a steady drip.  
I'm sure the water pump O-ring has let go-it's dead center, front of the 
engine.  I'll get it up in the air tomorrow to verify.  Ironic that I noticed 
it while at the bank getting $$ for Xmas shopping-that must've pissed it off! 
 It's coming up on the 60k service in about 150 miles, so I'd have to get in 
there anyway.  Better now than later!
BTW, are there any tricks to fishing out the air filter, or recommendations 
as far as this service goes? TIA!                           
                                                    giving rain checks for 
                                                    Tucker Fritch
                                                    '83 UrQ (urq-ing on my