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Re: 5kt stereo install

In a message dated 12/20/99 11:15:27 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
DGraber460@aol.com writes:
> Anyone put an aftermarket stereo into an 85 5kt?
>  I put a Kenwood CD unit into the car last night, and can't get the 
>  to work. Everything seems to work fine except no sound. Antenna goes up 
>  down, the presets all register, and all the features function normally. 
>  no sound.
>  One other indication is that the warning dinger doesn't work with the unit 
>  powered up either. I have a grey/white wire that needs a home also, but 
>  figure out it's function.   Help!
>  Need it for a Christmas drive across farm report radio country.
>  Dennis 

I've put in several...  Not sure how you may have it hooked up, or how the 
Kenwood's speaker grounds are set up (some radio's use a common ground for 
the speakers)...  
You didn't mention if you were using the stock, OEM wiring, but I believe the 
front speakers are green wires ( the - side has a black stripe) and the rear 
speakers, if I am remembering correctly are red/blue, black/white, brown, and 
the last color escapes me.  For the rear speakers, your best bet is to bypass 
the headphone thing in the back... I am guessing that the higher-powered 
aftermarket stereos may fry it... and the wire guage running to the rear 
speakers, is too small of a gauge, IMO.
Not sure which grey/white wire you are referring to... Is it an Audi wire or 
the radio wire..?