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Re: 5kt stereo install

I'm using the Audi harness at the dash opening. The speaker wires are all 
hooked up as the original radio was, crimped to the Kenwood wires 1 at a time 
(all 8 + & - leads).
On the car harness, Brown is ground, Red is power, Gray with Blue (unsure), 
and Yellow for power antenna.
Kenwood uses, Red switched power, Yellow maintenance power, Black ground, 
Blue power antenna.
The Gray (car harness) with blue that I am unsure of, has continuity to 
ground, and turns on the dash lights and warning dinger when powered to 12 V 
(really puzzling).
The local Kenwood distributor was puzzled and thought it sounded like a 
ground problem, which I have checked.

Quietly confused in Denver!