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Re: 5kt stereo install

Friad this is going to be not the answer you wanted... but anyway- having done
*several* stereos in the old 5kt: The only way to conclusively get around factory
booster/crossover/why are there 10 of the danged things? type speaker issues is
to start at said CD unit and work, using fresh wire of your choice (I like
Monster Cable's products) all the way to any/all of the speakers you wish to
utilize. I ended up with an Alpine dual amp balancer dividing chores between an
ADS powerplate and an Orion HCCA driving Rockford subs and Pioneer/Infinity up
front- but my original  simple install was to make a Targa CD player run six of
the factory speakers- had best results with this admittedly "Gordian Knot"
approach. I'm sure there's easier means, but I tire of wiring sound systems by
trial and error...
HTH (slightly...)

DGraber460@aol.com wrote:

> Anyone put an aftermarket stereo into an 85 5kt?
> I put a Kenwood CD unit into the car last night, and can't get the speakers
> to work. Everything seems to work fine except no sound. Antenna goes up and
> down, the presets all register, and all the features function normally. Just
> no sound.
> One other indication is that the warning dinger doesn't work with the unit
> powered up either. I have a grey/white wire that needs a home also, but can't
> figure out it's function.   Help!
> Need it for a Christmas drive across farm report radio country.
> Dennis