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Re: Comments on Pass & Weisz Dealership (in Burlington, Mass.)

>I may need to use Pass & Weisz for parts and/or service.  The Pentosin leak
>rate on the steering rack on my '88 5KSQ is getting worse.  I was hoping to
>hold off on its replacement until the Spring when I could do it myself.  Of
>course, I would use the Jorgenson rebuilt one with the lifetime warranty.
>shudder at the prospect of taking my car to a dealer.  But I've only that
>one car, and I need it to get to work.  Work is within walking distance of
>Pass & Weisz.

  Obviously, I usually only go to their parts dept. for items I can't get
anywhere else(switches, bulbs, trim pieces, etc.) and avoid them like the
plague for repairs, but if you are limited in your options, they seem to
have a few steady mechanics(i.e. I have seen the same faces in there for
about a decade now) ...if that comforts you in any way. Bought my CoupeGT
off of them about eight years ago.
  I live and work in Burlington and drive by them every day(or at least I
did until I broke my right ankle Thursday night).  An '88 5KSQ, huh?  I'll
keep my eye out for you @ P+W and in that area of Burlington.
  Good Luck!