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Re:Window grinding noise

I had the same problem on our '86 5ktq. On the back edge of the window,
there is a guide pin, that runs in a track. If the window were to be tilted
in either direction, that pin will not travel in a pefect direction of the
track. This will cause the pin to rub against one side of the track, and
makes a very annoying, grinding sound. I used to be convinced that scratches
should appear on the window, but they always wiped off. Then I discovered
that guide pin, and noticed that the pin had been ground down from the
rubbing against the track. The only way of adjustment seems to be done with
the window regulator, but don't take my word for it. There is not much
adjustment, but It helped for me since there is no more grinding noise, but
my guide pin is a fat 1/16 skinnier now, and that helps too!
Go look in the cold garage now, and bring your flash light! Merry Christmas,