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Re: TV-Audi Spotting

In a message dated 12/20/1999 9:21:15 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
quattroslm@yahoo.com writes:

> Did anyone catch The Practice last night? Bobby was drving an A6 Quattro! 
> Nice to see Audi making in prime time.
didn't see it. But as I was surfing the channels late last night I came 
across a foreign language news broadcast showing a military parade in Beijing 
being led by a a brand spanking new, shiny black Audi A6. Obviously it was 
being treated as a high potentate's limo, with the flags attached to the 
front corners etc.

After the Audi came various troop carriers, missile launchers, tanks and an 
open top Mitsubishi Montero with some guy witha lot of brass on his chest 
waving to the assembled troops.

Nice to know even the communists recognize a class ride when they see one.

Mike Torio