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Re: Mysterious plug near headlight.

That goes to the headlight bulb. That plug has a female companion on the inside
of the housing. Using this setup allows them to pass wires through the housing
with minimal chance of water intrusion. What I can't figure out is that there
appears to be about 16 gage wire leading to the plug, then inside the housing
the wire going to the bulb is about 12 gage. WTF?

Harten Eric 1LT 57 WG/DTWC wrote:

> While doing some close inspection of my headlight wiring (in preparation for
> building secondary harness for high wattage bulbs) I noticed a mysterious
> plug next to the headlight bulb socket on the passenger side.  The three
> contact plug (almost like an audio XLR) sits just outboard and above the
> headlight bulb and appears to be connected to the edge of the reflector.
> Does anybody know what it plugs into.  It is right next to where the intake
> sucks in air from behind the headlight.  Is it some sort in intake air temp
> sensor?  OBTW, this is on a 95' 90 SQ 2.8      Any thoughts?  Thanks.
> Eric Harten
> 1995 90 SQ 2,8
> 1999 Passat 1.8T

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