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re Re: hakka 1's on the a4?

I wouldn't say backwards but a little confused perhaps.  I think hwat he
meant to say is the Hakka Q was designed to be better than the Hakka 1
Unstudded tire.  Its designed to compete witht he Bridestone Blizzak and
other Ice Compound tires.  However, I dont quite get the comment that Ice
Tires are bad in snow.  Infact, some of them the4 Blizzak and Q included
are VERY good in the snow.  SOME Ice tires Dan are not great in Deep snow
but these are usually the ones designed to be low profile tires like the
Michlin Artic Alpins or Pilot Alpins.  TGHey do fairly well in the ice,
and hard pack snow, but in deep snow the tread clogs up so they lose out
	ANyhow, For Rocky, the Q's might be a good choice (better than the
1's with studs I think) but I love the unstudded 1's as they handle decent
in the dry for a nsow tire, great in the snow, and still acceptable in

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Dan:  I think you have this backwards, Hakka Qs (which I have on my
S6) are
not intended to be better than Hakka 1s (studded) on ice, and are barely
better than unstudded Hakka 1s.  They are better on snow according to
Nokian's chart of relative performance.  Anyone wanting an electronic copy
of this chart should contact me.  Note that the Qs require some use to
off the "fur" from the mold, as their sipe design uses a vast number of
fill points.

Kirby A. Smith   New Hampshire USA