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5k stereo install- CRISIS

Thanks to everyone that responded so far, but now I have a _bigger_ problem.
After much fiddling around, I did get the speakers to work with the Kenwood 
unit. Now the car won't start (or even turn over).
The Kenwood rep thought I had a ground problem. Looking at the car harness I 
noticed the brown ground terminal contained 2 wires. One chassis grnd & one 
connected to two other brown wires from another loom. Upon disconnecting this 
and ground the stereo to the chassis grnd, the stereo worked. Trying to start 
the car (with plenty of battery), there is no contact to the starter. Dead as 
a hammer.
I reconnected it all the way it was. Still dead. Fuses all OK. All above 
actions produced no sparks or indications of problems.
This is getting serious, and critical. I don't even know where to start 
looking to solve this one.