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Re: Speeding tickets and aircraft -- no Audi content

In a message dated 12/21/99 1:07:56 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
kurt.wesseling@nexusmgmt.com writes:

> Speaking of speeding tickets....anyone have any success fighting tickets
>  issued after your car was clocked by an airplane??

Not a BTDT, but have many people get off.

Also go check your State laws and see if the "48 hour" rules apply.  Easy off.

>  Got pulled over by a state trooper last month who was just sitting on the
>  side of the turnpike.  Not even running Radar.  Pulls me over and says,
>  "sir, we're working with aircraft today we clocked you at 90 and 93 mph."
>  Mind you, the issuing officer didn't observe the alleged speeding.
>  He goes on to say that I passed a car on the right, and "that's not allowed
>  on the Maine turnpike." Incredulous, I say, "you mean if I'm in the left
>  lane and the guy in front of me is going 60, I can't pass him on the
>  right??!? He hesitates a few seconds and says,"that's how the statute
>  reads."

Make a note of it and say it in court.  It won't do anything to help your 
case but it sure will make the officer feel dumb that he doesn't know his 

>  Well that's NOT how the statute reads.  I looked up the section and title 
>  cited me on and passing on the right isn't even mentioned! Not a word.
>  Looked elsewhere and there are specific instances where passing on the 
>  is allowed.  I think it was a case of "you have a radar detector, so you're
>  guilty of everything I can think of."

Put the radar RIGHT in front of you and keep a tissue handy.  As soon as you 
see lights pull it off and use the tissue to wipe the marks off.  BTDTx3

>  AFA the airplane is concerned, I never saw one.  Doesn't mean it wasn't
>  there of course, but it seems to me that there is much room for error when
>  clocking a car from a plane 2-3 thousand feet in the air.  What if the 
>  isn't right above you? What if the guy with the stopwatch looks away and
>  presses the stop button 2-3 seconds late? The tick marks are only 1/10 mile
>  apart on the road.  How many guys in the plane? Is the guy in the plane a
>  state trooper too, or just some guy with a plane?...etc. Won't the guy in
>  the plane have to appear in court to make this stick?

AFAIK, the person in the plane has to show up in court, if requested.  If he 
isn't then they go by the report the officer wrote up.  

On your ticket, be sure to check for the officer to show up in court.  If he 
doesn't you win.  If the person in the plane doesn't, you win. 

Hey everyone, if there was 2 officers in the patrol car and only 1 shows up 
in court, even tho 2 of them were talking to me, would that be a "failure to 
this is in WA state.

89 200t10v
Redmond WA