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Stripped Lug Thread

Here is an ew problem i have never had before.  I worte the list a few days
back about a knocking in the front drivers side suspension under right
turns.  Well i may have found the gremlin.  I changed my rims during my
lunch break, and put my summer tires back on.  While taking the snows off,
the drivers side front wheel's lugs seemed looser than normal, one required
almost no force to loosen.  This perplexed me because i had used a torque
wrench when i put the snow tires on.  As i put the 16" rim back on i also
used a torque wrench to the spec'd 81ft-pounds.  Three of the lugs went on
fine, the fourth one didn't.  It spun as if the lug collar was threaded, i
have no idea what could have happened.  I torqued the lug at an angle but am
a little worried.  What should I do?

MIke Robinson
San Jose, Ca
88 90q, 193,000mi