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Re: Winter Driving School: NEQ Club

Are there some openings that I don't know about?  I'd love to go, but
that last time I checked the NEQ website it stated that the classes were
full. Are they or aren't they.  Thanks,

Adam Brodeur

joel nevin wrote:

> To all that were interested in the winter driving
> school, It will be the 5,6 and 26,27 of February,2000.
> A flyer will be sent out to all Northeast Region
> Quattro Club members soon about this. My understanding
> is that you need to be a member of the NEQ or the
> Quattro Club USA, to get the sweet price, which last
> year was $125.00, Tim O'neil's regular one day price
> is $300.00.
> The person I contacted was Tom Cieslu. Who said that
> just last week they(NEQ) had a meeting about the
> events in NE, and finally got some dates set, although
> all the paperwork still needs to be done.
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