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Re: Climate controls interchangeable?

"Livolsi, Stephane" wrote:
> Taka, I don't think you can because the late 87 and up CC heads have a
> diagnostic feature built in.  My CC worked very erratically when I
> bought the car.  When I took it out, I noticed that it was from a
> salvage yard and was labeled as from an 87. (my car is early 86).  I got
> one out of an early 86 and it works fine now.  The plug harness on the
> 87 was the same as the 86 though.  It could have just been a bad
> controller but I don't think so.
> good luck
> Stephane Livolsi
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> >Subject:       Climate controls interchangeable?
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> >Hi,
> >I was wondering if you can interchange the earlier '84-86 climate control
> >systems on the 5k with the later '87-91 units. The reason I ask is because
> >I may be able to get a unit from an '88 that works to replace my possibly
> >bad programmer module. If all I need is the module, and it works with the
> >older head unit, then I'm all set. If not, I wonder if the wiring will plug
> >right into the newer units. Anyone tried this?
> >
> >Taka Mizutani
> >'86 5kcstq in need of operational climate control, along with other things
> >
89 and up heads don't have the rear window defog switch in them, it's
separate and on the switch row w/seat heaters, fog lamp, etc..