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Re: Starting/Idle Problem 84 4Ksq

> Interesting sequence of events:
> 1. Engine purring nicely for months
> 2. Carefully removed entire wiper assembly for repair
> 3. At next ignition sequence; depressed gas pedal half-way to floor, turned key, engine turned over normally, tachometer went to 1400 RPM, then dropped...like a rock... stalling the car again, and again, and again.
> 4. After several attempts (no adjustments to engine though) managed to get engine to remain "on", but max RPM is 800, and engine backfires as though it has a distinct (a symptom)timing issue.
> Before I pull out the Bentleys and repair something that isn't broken (and is probably a simple very simple fix, I thought I'd throw it out to you folks.  Any suggestions? 
> BTW, I've checked all wires, hoses and connections, especially those in the vicinity of the fuse box.
> 84 4Ksq

Fascinating.  Sunday I rolled (ok, Brendan pushed...) my very decrepit
84 down the hill to use the lift to diagnose/replace the starter which
croaked a few weeks ago while trying to clear up my parking lot for
winter.  (that's a run on sentence I think).

So anyway, starter checks out bad, gets swapped.

car starts like the champ old Audis usually are.

I mess around replacing some split and rotted hoses while I'm dirty.  

1. Car starts running *exactly* as described above. (for a while it did
a very amusing "run on 1 cylinder" routine!)
2. mess with mixture screw rather randomly (no measurement devices
attached) until it will rev up a bit, like I've undone the "leaky hose
compensation" previously installed.
3. clean up shop, load tools into 4kq.
4. upon dropping last box, the spare & bad starters, on passenger seat,
car stalls.
5. and won't run... but it cranks really well!

So anyway, now I'll try to be slightly useful.  
Check for the fuse in the little side rail in the fuse box (second slot
from rear?).  It is important.  
Otherwise check ignition components, vacuum type hoses, fuel system
parameters, etc., until you find the problem.

Huw Powell


82 Audi Coupe; 84 4kq; 85 Coupe GT; 73 F250