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Re: Cupholders --- some fresh ideas.

> > In the past there have been multiple threads on the topic of cup-
> > holders for the AUDI cockpit.  These have not held any interest for
> > me.  The more practical question has always been:  What can be done
> > about the puzzling lack of cupholders in the AUDI engine compartment?
> > Not only is much more time spent under the hood than actually driving
> > the car, but the variety of beverages that can legally be consumed
> > from the hood area is much greater.
> I may have found a solution to the problem.  My father-in-law was given
> a "Party Host's Glass".  This glass cannot be put down on a flat surface
> because the bottom is rounded.  Instead, it's suspended around the neck
> on a rope.
> This is ideal.  When working, it's suspended from a coathanger wire hook -
> if I have to go back into the house for a refill, I can go with both
> hands free for carrying parts.

I thought that was what the hook that is exposed, front and center, when
the hood is open was for?

Huw Powell