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Re: mounting a trailer hitch on 4000CSq

In a message dated 12/21/99 7:24:36 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
jackhope@falcon.cc.ukans.edu writes:

 I just bought my Audi 4000CSq today, so this is my first post to this
 list.  Please forgive me (and advise me) if I break any list ettiquette.
 I am an avid mountain biker, and would like to mount a ball
 trailer-hitch to the back of my quattro.  On this, I will be able to
 place a bike rack on the car.  I really don't expect to actually ever
 haul anything like a boat with this hitch, but you never know.  Has
 anyone ever mounted a trailer hitch to their Audi?  Any alternate
 suggestions, comments, advise or warnings would greatly be appreciated.
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    I had one in my Coupe Gt, it was bolted thru the trunk floor to a bracket 
that mounted transversely between the two frame rails, and also to the rear 
bumber itself.  If you are only towing a bike you can probably get away with 
mounting it to the bumper only.  Do not trust in that sheetmetal in the trunk 
floor without a bracket, it is very thin and can rip easily...