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RE: Brake problem

Richard said:

>Hi I have a 1991 200TQW 20v that has developed a problem with the 
>brakes not releasing (all four wheels) while driving. They seem to work OK at 
>first but then start to mess up with normal driving and brake application. 
>The brake petal has less and less top play as this happens. A vibration 
>develops as well. I have no warning lights and the ABS works normally. The 
>brake petal seems to return to it's normal position after the petal is 
>pushed. Its almost like the pressure is not releasing after brake 
>application. Because of the high cost items that make up the system I would 
>like to trouble shoot rather then just R&R components. Any thoughts?      
>Thanks and Happy Holidays  Richard Friedrich


Without knowing more about the situation, such as the
condition of the hydarulic accumulator, it is difficult to diagnose.

I had a "mushy" pedal even after I replaced the hydraulic accumulator
on my TQW.  The problem was finally traced to the rear driver's side
brake caliper. The emergency brake cable is connected to a shaft in the
brake caliper which forces the brake piston out. It has a coil spring 
which applies tension to the parking brake.

How high do you have to pull the parking brake until it engages?
There is a low cost fix for this posting on the 20v Web page
http://www.20v.org. Chris Miller's 200 20v web page also has 
some brake information http://members.aol.com/c1j1miller/index.html

It does sound as if one or more of the brake calipers is dragging,
it may be due to a "frozen' caliper guide pin, the emergency brake
cable, or the piston that I described above.


Peter Schulz
1991 200 20v TQW
1990 CQ
Chelmsford MA USA