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Speedo/Odo not working


It may be too late for this comment, but when you're checking the upper and
lower speedo cables, _be_very_careful_with_the_counter_housing_ if it's the
type that mounts to the firewall from the inside.  They break very easily;
the threaded section that pokes through the firewall bushing will break off
and then you'll have to get another or use a single cable if you can find


My .02.


Jim Jordan
81 5KT > 300K miles

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> Date: Tue, 21 Dec 1999 18:54:18 EST
> From: Cynic5KS@aol.com
> Subject: Re: Speedo/Odo not working
> In a message dated 12/21/99 6:38:18 PM Eastern Standard Time,
> AdamB@net1plus.com writes:
> >
> >  While driving home from school tonight, my speedometer and odometer
> >  stopped working on my 84 4000SQ.  Any help on where I should look
> >  first.  I know I saw some threads about fixing them a while back.  Of
> >  course, this couldn't happen at a better time.  I'm going to Maine
> >  Forest TSD on Jan. 8.  Please help me get this fixed before
> the rally or
> >  else the worst----I might not be able to go.
> I would recommend removing the speedometer cable and checking the
> internal
> cable.  It is actually a thin, wound wire... On cars that old,
> they tend to
> rust and break.
> Arden
> 85 5Ks
> Arden
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