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Re: 1991 200 TQ 20 valve radio

Dave Puterbaugh wrote:
> My friend that bought my car has started to learn the pleasures and pain of
> the Audi Gods.  He loves the car, and can barely drive it at sane speeds.
> however, the original radio just died.  The knob to turn the radio on no
> longer functions.  My questions are;
> Is this a Delta, a Gamma, or what type radio?
> Is there a good stock Audi radio to replace this?  I thought someone said to
> use a later 100 radio recently.
> Does anyone know the cost of a refurbished Audi radio, from someone like
> Carlsen's?

FWIW, any Audi dealer can get refurb'd radios.  Cost for the Delta in my
89 100 was $110.00 about 3 years ago.  Pull the old one out, bring it to
the dealer and 1-nn days later you'll get a replacement.  Check the
buttons for proper spring operation before accepting.