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Re: Aftermarket Red Illumination Stereo?????

>I have been looking high and low for a aftermarker head unit with 
>red illimination to match  the rest of my car.  As far as i can tell 
>Denon made one 3 or 4 years ago and that was that.  Does anyone have 
>any insight?  I looking in the 400-600 range if that helps.
>Thanks and Happy Holidays,
>Scott Sierakowski
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Blaupunkt has a few models with "variocolor" which can be set to red. 
Check out www.contenintalimports.com. Not an endorsement, I've never 
done business with them, but they've got a nice web page, and are 
very quick to answer emailed questions.

Joshua Van Tol -- jjvantol@uswest.net