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More ("*=#@ Speeding Fines

I'm sitting here pleased as a... well a very pleased
person anyway and then my wife sends an email...

Where is Ueberlandstr.?  So I figure she wants to know
where a shop is so I have a guess and then ask her

Because on the afternoon you got caught doing 160km/h
undertaking on the motorway (120km/h limit) -
literally on the way home from this incident - you got
caught by a speed camera doing 58km/h in a 50km/h zone
- they even mark this down to 53km/h and still book
me... really pissy amount too... only 25US dollars or

The worst thing is this is like an offramp for the
main road leading into Zurich which and is 80km/h ..
the off ramp goes IMMEDIATELY to 50km/h ... what a
bugger... trying to think how many times I've done
this bit of road on the bike...

I now have to spend the next two months checking my
mail box to make sure there are no more brown

[Actually the worst thing is the bike is in my wife's
name and so she'll open _every_ single one of the
fines and know before I do!! :-( ]

'91 Audi S2
'97 GSXR600

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