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Re: Aftermarket Red Illumination Stereo?????

Scott Sierakowski wrote:
> I have been looking high and low for a aftermarker head unit with red
> illimination to match  the rest of my car.  As far as i can tell Denon made
> one 3 or 4 years ago and that was that.  Does anyone have any insight?  I
> looking in the 400-600 range if that helps.


As long as it's an in-dash CD player that you're looking for, I can give
VERY hearty recommendations for the Blaupunkt Toronto.

It was last year's top of the line unit from Blaupunkt and Crutchfield
has a batch that they've been selling out at $299 (which includes the
free remote control that you can mount on your steering wheel).  Not
counting the remote control, that's about half of what local stereo
shops had been charging for it.

It's got a completely adjustable illumination color and brightness; all
the way from green through yellow and amber to a very deep red that
looks great with the other Audi instruments.

Crutchfield's info page on the Toronto is at
and if you click on the little picture of the stereo, it will show you
four or five of the different colors you can set the display to.

I installed one of these in my '89 200q back in July and have been very
happy with it.



'85 turbo GT coupe
'89 80q
'89 200q