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mounting a trailer hitch on 4000CSq


I guess I'm becoming the hitch expert, since I've done this one too.
Problem is, I can't remember where I got the hitch for the 4000.  

This is not even a class I receiver, and is rated at only about 1000lbs.  It
bolts into the trunk bed only. I reinforced this with extra washers and
plate steel to distribute the load in the trunk bed.  I have done some
serious towing(1 ton) with this setup, but in retrospect, would not
recommend anyone exceeding rated capacity.  It should work for your light
duty purpose.  I'd like to see the setup I have modified somewhat to tie
into the bumper somehow, but if I recall the bumper mounting is very light
duty indeed, so this would be very tricky.

I suggest checking out Hitch-web.com to see what comes up.  I think I got
mine though an RV center about 7 years ago.

Be sure to post the list to let us know what you come up with.  


Ben Swann
'85 4KSQ
Date: Tue, 21 Dec 1999 17:23:22 -0600
From: Jack Hope <jackhope@falcon.cc.ukans.edu>
Subject: mounting a trailer hitch on 4000CSq

Hello all,

I just bought my Audi 4000CSq today, so this is my first post to this
list.  Please forgive me (and advise me) if I break any list ettiquette.

I am an avid mountain biker, and would like to mount a ball
trailer-hitch to the back of my quattro.  On this, I will be able to
place a bike rack on the car.  I really don't expect to actually ever
haul anything like a boat with this hitch, but you never know.  Has
anyone ever mounted a trailer hitch to their Audi?  Any alternate
suggestions, comments, advise or warnings would greatly be appreciated.

- --
Jack Hope
"Yoink" - Homer