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RE: 95 A6 Timing Belt and knocking?

> << I had to do the timing belt on my 93 90cs
>  quattro(sold). I had it done at 72,000mi. My mechanic
>  whom I trust enough that I drive from mass to vermont
>  to get the work done was very skeptical and told me to
>  always keep an eye on it,even though AoA has it at
>  90,000, he said that he has seen them go as early as
>  60,000 so he recommends that it get done every 60,000. >>
> I suppose that there's about as many opinions on when to replace timing
> as there are listers.  I just had mine done at 156k.  The last time it was

> replaced was at 55k.  I visually examined the belt and could not detect
> deterioration.  Of course, that doesn't mean there wasn't any.  

... not sure I agree here ... different models have different service
intervals, but the most crucial factor is whether or not the engine will
suffer damage to valves when the timing belt breaks.  The older non-turbo
engines would most likely not suffer such damage, so there is less need for
concern ... as long as you are OK with the car leaving you stranded sometime
somewhere.  The service interval for the 10v tubrbos is 90K.  4 and 5 valve
heads put a bit more load on the belt, so there are engines like the V8
which have a 60K interval, and there is significant experience to show that
this is a not to be exceeded amount.  

... so, rather than suggesting that as everyone has their own opinions to
change it when you feel like it, my recommendation is to find out what the
recommended interval is for the engine that is in your car and follow that.

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)