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Re: 87 5ktq Radio Questions

OK - this is beginning to make sense.  I did'nt know what all the stuff 
under the rear seat was all about - side note, what are the three 
colored connections that have wires that run *into* the rear seat

Anyway, back to the original - could I figure out which wire provided
the switched power to the rear amp from the original harness, wire it
to the switched 12v in my Kenwood, have it go from there?

Another - I can hook up the rear spkrs to the rca jack output; this
leads me to believe that there are rca jacks running to the rear amp
already there?

Yet one more: getting the stock deck out - there are 4 holes in the
deck, I imagine some VAG tool #something is needed?  Does it depress
little tabs to release the deck?  A bicycle spoke?  

Thanks a LOT for the help!

Iain Mannix(even the stereo is funny in this thing;)

On Wed, 22 Dec 1999, David Head wrote:

> True... You can hook up the rear spkrs to the RCA jack output though, and that
> works... You have to provide switched power to the rear amp/ant amp also.
> Iain Mannix wrote:
> >   All this talk of crossovers and whatnot
> > is making me think it might not be that simple - true?