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typ 44 rear exhaust hangers q.

(Essentially a repost, due to lack of response)

When re-attaching my '84 5kS's rear muffler,
I found that while the muffler has a rod bent into
a wide right-to-left hook welded to it (just before the 
tailpipe), there are 2 hooks on the floor of the car.
I have only one rubber donut hanger - using the right
hook puts the muffler far too far to the right, while using 
the left hook puts it a bit too much to the left. Am I 
supposed to have it hanging from both, by using another
donut, or am I missing other parts? 

On the recent typ44=pig discussion, I consider mine
my small, nimble snow-car - sparing my Caprice
some road salt. Though the latter's ~4000lbs don't
seem so much anymore, when the current A6 weighs
nearly as much, while being still a much smaller car, and 
with a unibody - how come? 
As far as typ44 size is concerned, I have to say that I
was pleasantly surprised when I realized that the trunk 
easily holds the set of summer tires...