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Re: Cold Weather Start Problem 3 Day Old A4

Sounds like a dirty/failing starter solenoid.  Could just need lubricating.

Kneale Brownson

At 02:44 PM 12/22/99 -0600, Rich Harmer wrote:
>I just got my 2K A4 last Saturday, and I had a very strange problem
>the other day.  It was between -5F and +5F degrees that day.
>I unlocked the car with the remote unlock, got in, light came on,
>put in the key to start and all I got was a "click" like the battery
>was dead.  The LED Display changed very slowly.  I decided to turn off
>the radio and the heater fan and still no go.  I called up my girlfriend
>and talked about calling AAA.  3 or 4 minutes passed, and I tried to
>start it for the heck of it, and walla... started with no problems.
>?? Can't figure this one out.
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