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Re: Speeding ticket! :-((

>Those who comment on my driving should note that I also have a clean
>points-free licence.

Talking of fines, the UK had a brief flirtation with income-related
penalties a few years ago - didn't work out and was dropped quietly. A
recent case triggered some thoughts, a soccer player (married to a pop star)
was caught travelling at high speed through a 50mph area. Original penalty
was a fine and enough points added to his record to ban him for a year. He
appealed on the grounds that he was at the time of the offence trying to
escape some intrusive photographers (shades of the Princess of Wales).
Appeal was up held and the ban lifted although the fine stayed. This guy
earns more in one week than I do in two years - judging by the size of his
fine I could travel at 20mph over the limit for about GBP4 each time. Hey,
I'll even pay in advance....


Jim Haseltine