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RE: Aftermarket Red Illumination Stereo?????

> were terrible.  suggestion I would make ONLY if you are familiar with 
> radio/cd player disassembly, is to purchase red lenses (from Radio Shack 
> maybe?) for the bulbs/LEDs inside your unit and try to change the color 

I found out about a company called Lumex (http://www.lumex.com/) when I saw
an ad in one of my EE rags for small LED-based alphanumeric displays (I've
had an eye open since Bob Myers said he wanted some).  On their website they
had an offer for a free "technology demonstrator" kit.  I sent away for one
and when I received it I was surprised to find that they had small
incandescent bulbs as well as different colored "bulb condoms" ... so far I
have yet to deal with the company, but they may very well be a good source
for those small bulbs that burn out in switches and such as well as the
colored filters ...

BTW, anyone who si interested in a pretty wide array of LED products you
might want to check out the site and order up a kit of your own!  It looks
like they build the LED-based lamps that are showing up on traffic lights
and busses lately as well as some nifty LED bar-graphs and more ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)