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Re: 91 200q DIES -- Need Help!!

Have you used any gasline antifreeze?  The type that absorbs the
condensation in your tank is what you want.  It's that time of year again.

Kneale Brownson

At 06:08 PM 12/22/99 -0600, Paul Waterloo wrote:
>My car died two days ago, magically restarts and then dies again today --
>took a tow home. :-(
>Before I dig into the Bently, maybe somebody can help me with an obvious
>Two days ago (and a couple times in the past month or two) the car ran just
>fine, then I left it for about 1/2 hour after fully warmed up (it has been
>very cold in Chicago in the last few days but I don't think that has
>anything to do with it) and tried to start it. It would stumble when started
>(about to 4-500 RPM) then it died. Would stumble again when started but then
>died. It would just turn over and over - no fuel smell, I think it is a fuel
>delivery problem. Called tow truck, went out 30 minutes later and it started
>up no problem, ran great --cancelled tow truck.
>It worked for a few days then today I was driving 30 MPH and it just died
>dead as a door knob. Same thing, would stumble a little then totally die.
>Then it wouldn't even stumble. Towed it home, it won't start, but turns over
>I think it is a fuel delivery problem, has anyone got a BTDT for these
>symptoms? I'll ask Mr. Bently also.....
>Paul Waterloo
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