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slushbox woes

during our recent cold snap the dil's 5ks has developed an annoying problem
with the auto tranny. it shifts smoothly at all times but when cold will not
shift from 2 to 3 until driven a few kilometers. i imagine this means..until
the tranny has warmed up. once the magic temp is reached, it will smoothly
shift into 3rd, and downshift smoothly when slowing. further acceleration
results in a smooth shift from 2-3 from then on. once warm, there is never
any hesitation or delay or lack of smoothness when shifting in all gears.
any ideas? i have changed the tranny fluid twice, so it's nice and clean. i
also changed the filter and cleaned the pan. 
86 5kcdtq, tap chip sjm spring
84 5ks
84 5ksw
many cyclops bicycles