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F/S European GTI engine + stuff

Time for some Christmas cleaning....

I have a slightly used European GTI engine (1.6 L With the heron head ie.no 
combustion chamber the chamber is in the pistons. the head is similar to a 
diesel or a porsche 924 ) for sale about 20K miles. Shipping should be around 
70-80 bucks on a truck in continental US. 100 bucks obo item is located in 
Corpus Christi TX...

Set of manual window winders for a 4k..  best offer
5cyl diesel starter  best offer
4k 4cyl,fox starter  best offer 
1987 5cyl quantum engine code JN 90K miles best offer

many automatic diffs in all different ratios.. best offer

Quantum sport seats tan... Best offer
quantum seats.. blue   Best offer

V8 ABS module...