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RC Audis...

Intrigued both by the RC Audi TT, as well as the oddity of Dickie toys
being in stores in the US, and having just purchased a Tamiya Mini Cooper,
I went looking for Audis on those websites...

Tamiya US does not list an Audi TT (though they do have an A4 racer,
and I saw the R8 mentioned somewhere, too).
Dickie does not list the TT on their website.
http://www.tamiya.de/  ,which lists Dickie as if it was a subsidiary, shows on
a TT and an A3, in a series described as 'model kits' combining  'proven 
Tamiya RC chassis' (i.e.  "proper" RC chassis with which you'd expect a 
Lexan body) and "Carson bodies"; the pictures do look more massive 
than the regular non-'toy'-RC cars.
There's an "Audi Quattro Rallye" shown in
but I guess that's just a stationary model car.