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90 Audi V8 driver's side front axle

> Model: Audi V8 Quattro
> Year: 1990
> Transmission: Automatic
> Body_of_message: Driver's side front axle.
> I have been told there are two types of axles: one for an earlier
transmission and one for a later transmission. Based on its VIN, the car was
originally built with the later/newer transmission.  A rebuilt transmission
was put in the car two years ago by the previous owner, but I don't know
which version of the transmission that was.  I think that the transmission
going in right now is the older model even though it is new and in the
original crate.  The right side front axle that was already in the car fits
fine in the new transmission, but the previous driver's side front axle,
which has no visible part number, does not: it is too large in circumference
by about 1 cm.  The flange is also different on the new transmission: the
diameter of the circle of bolts is larger, even though the opening for the
axle going into it is smaller. The driver's side axle that was supplied with
this transmission (part number 4A0407273D) is about an inch too long, but is
the correct size at the inner CV joint.  Both axles fit at the outer CV
joint.    So I have two axles, neither of which fits.  I have been told
there are two sizes: with the newer style transmission taking axles numbered
4CM001137 and up and the older style taking 441407271L.  Is there possibly
another size/part# available?  Is there another axle out there that will
fit?  Do these part numbers sound correct?  
The work is being done by an Audi specialist who has his own shop.  When he
checked with the local dealer, they were going to ding us $80. just for
shipping with no guarantee their part will fit.  
Has anyone had one of these machined down to fit?  Any other ideas?