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Re: Broken Clutch pedal

In a message dated 12/23/99 6:58:56 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
tking_ms@hotmail.com writes:

> Looks like the following post never made it to the list. I have the clutch
>  pedal coming from Carlsen, but I have no idea how to tackle this job.
>  Anybody have any time estimates, tips, tool requirements?
>  Thanks and Happy Holidays!
>  Tim King
>  89 200tqw
>  87 Syncro Westfalia (getting a new transaxle the same weekend!)
>  Seattle, WA

If you actually take the pedal assembly from the fire wall, get a 2 foot 
extension, air rachet, and a swivel connector...  It's too difficult to get 
the nuts/bolts(?) off of the firewall by hand...