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Re: Euro Lights Hi Beam Stays On

    I just installed the Euros in the S4 today. I relayed the highs only and
left the lows via the stock wiring until I sort out the DRL system.
    I mounted the relays in the headlight buckets and ran a fused 12 gauge
feed to each from the alternator and a 12 gauge wire to ground. The stock
high beam wiring triggers the Bosch relays.
    When I tested the lights, lo and behold, the highs came on but would not
go off when the lows were selected until the headlights were turned off - I
didn't have to turn off the ignition as Denny reported in his post. There is
a residual voltage on the high circuit when the low beams are selected -
about 0.15 volts.
    I disconnected the relay system on the right headlight, put in a 55w H1
bulb (instead of the Hella HIP 70w) and tried it again. The relay on the
left headlight now works correctly.
    I suspect that the one bulb now connected to the stock high beam circuit
is bleeding off enough current to ground that the left relay is no longer
held closed. A fix may be to run a resistor between relay contacts 85 & 86
to bleed off some voltage and allow the relays to open. Any comments from
the electrical gurus?
    I did get a good comparison between the left Hella HIP 70w relayed bulb
and the 55w standard H1 fed by the stock system on the right side. That left
bulb is bright and WHITE - a lot whiter and brighter than the right side. It
looks like the coating on the HIP bulb does indeed produce a whiter light.
    I also installed Phillips All-Weather bulbs in the fogs - they produce a
nice yellow light which is supposed to reduce glare in fog and rain.
    I haven't road tested the lights yet - had to come in and warm up,
it's -15 out there.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a Happy 2000!

Fred Munro
'94 S4  94k km

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> Mark,
> The lights from PG Performance were installed this past Wednesday and
> wise they are everything I'd hoped for.
> What I ordered were the Euro headlights with relays and wiring built into
> the lamp housing and 130W high beams and 100W low beam bulbs. Power only
> required two 10 gauge leads directly from the battery jumper post.
> Low beam is of course the Euro pattern with a sharp horizontal line and
> angled right-side cutoff which allows easy aiming to keep the light out of
> oncoming traffic. It puts what appears to put 2-3 times as much light on
> road AND spreads it out much further and more evenly from left to right.
> High beam adds a terrific amount of light straight down the road
> about 1/4 to 1/3 of a mile) making it very difficult to overdrive them.
> beam spread is not outstanding but more than adequate.
> Installation was bolt-in and the quality of materials supplied was totally
> first class. They even used a small rubber grommet around the hole where
> 10 gauge power supply wire emerged from the headlight housing plus the
> shrink tubing supplied around the connectors had the sealer which melted
> prevented water from ever entering the connection. Very well done indeed.
> They even had the right size eye connector to attach to the battery jumper
> post with a very nice quality of wire.
> There were two problems PG Performance is working to resolve. One is the
> bulb indicator has remained on even though we followed their instructions
> (and Igor's) jumping the appropriate connectors on the bulb monitor
> This is particularly odd as my friend Gary installed the SAME setup in his
> S6 WITHOUT this problem! The other is the fog light relay had to be pulled
> to get the high beams to turn off without having to turn the ignition
> off (both Gary and I had this same problem). Obviously there is a bit of
> current still feeding the relay that keeps it engaged and I expect a
> solution very quickly to this problem.
> The total cost was $810 US delivered and I feel the extra $250 for the
> relays, hi-wattage bulbs and special wiring makes the initial $560
> replacement cost much more justified -- it really puts out some light now.
> I've also seen the wiring harnesses alternative and have concluded IMHO
> is the BEST alternative -- once these two problems are resolved. I'll keep
> you posted on their status.
> Denny
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> Notice a slightly Germanic theme......
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> >Denny,
> >
> >I have been on the road for a while and thought I may have missed posts
> >to the board on your install.
> >
> >Have you installed the lights from PG performance??  I am waiting to see
> >how your install went and determine if I want to order just the housings
> >or the relay package you had made up (obviously want to order before 31
> >Dec to take advantage of their pricing)...
> >
> >Thanks for any input ....
> >
> >R/ Mark Meyer
> >