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type44T no start question

a few days ago, i got a cap and rotor from Blau. they sent me two rotors, and 
one cap.  of the two rotors they sent me, only one fit over the center 
distributor shaft on my '86 5kT. it was shaped differently than the old 
rotor, but it worked.  the car started fine for the past few days.
this morn, (about 25 degrees out) the car didnt start.  it would turn over, 
and it would fire, but as soon as i stopped cranking it it would die.   PS, i 
just cleaned out the ISV, so that isnt the prob. could it be the cold start 
valve? fuel pump?  how do i diagnose those?  do you think the rotor is the 
wrong one? it worked fine for the past few days, i dont know why it would act 
up now. 

any help appreciated-
'86 5kT, TQ