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Wheels/Tires & other Repairs

I'm about to adopt a previously owned 93 90CS (75k) that has some accident 
damage to the left (drivers side) front suspension and fender.  I'll be 
replacing the fender, front bumper cover, and headlamp assembly.  If anyone 
has good sources for these parts, I'd appreciate the references. 

Parts from a donor 93 90 will supply the suspension parts.  However, I have 
to decide what to do with respect to the wheels and tires.  It currently has 
factory wheels and size tires, but the one is ruined, and I really don't like 
the looks of the factory wheels anyway.  I do like the looks of the ten spoke 
audi q wheels of that vintage, and this would maintain the authenticity of 
the car.  What is the least costly source of a set of the Audi ten spoke 
wheels, and what size tires should I run with them?

I run 205/45 16s on my 88 90q, but don't know that I want that harsh of a 
ride on the wife's 90CS, nor do we need the handling associated with the low 
profile tire.

One other question.  The car is pearlescent (?) white.  Has anyone tried 
painting the black trim (front, rear, sides).  I'm not sure, but I think that 
it might look better painted to match the body.  I have to paint the front 
bumper cover anyway, so perhaps I could have the other trim painted at the 
same time.  Any thoughts on the aesthetics? 

I'd appreciate BTDT or other advice.  Thanks

Rob Greger
88 80q
93 90CS (soon)