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last minute purchases

No, not presents.  The set of A4 16" sport rims arrived yesterday and
I'm anxious to get them shod with winter rubber.  Tire Rack and DTD are
out of anything and everything in any size I can use, so I'm purchasing
locally.  My choices are:

Nokian Hakka 1
Nokian Hakka Q
Gislaved Nord Frost

The 1 I've used on the 99 Jetta, great tires.  The Q are softer and have a
lower speed rating, so not the best choice for my S6 wagon I think.
I'm dropping to 205/55-16 for winter, so I'm already losing some handling
there.  I'm probably going to go with the 1, unstudded, unless anyone has
recent experience with the Gislaveds and tells me otherwise before
7AM EST tomorrow :)

| Dan |