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Re: turbo timers??

Your car has something more advanced...one that's activated by temperature.

If you just want to run it for every time you shut off the car, 
upgrade to the relay/controller with the timeout feature and short 
the two terminals together.  The fan+pump will run for 7-8 minutes, 
then shut off.  They will not run again until the engine has been 
started+shut off again.  I did this in the summer when the system 
wasn't working well enough in my opinion(20v's don't run the 
after-run nearly as much because the sensor position is different 
among other things.)


At 10:38 PM -0500 12/23/99, bob wrote:
>Anyone using a turbo timer? I dont feel as though Ive ever needed one,
>but now my commute is an hour of highway and my parking lot is at the
>end of the off ramp so i get no coold down time at all. It kind of sucks
>sitting there for a few minutes every morning.
>HKS seems to make a decent one, but nobody seems to make one with a
>harness that fits our cars.

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