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Re: Audi Flu- Addendum

If it's water in the tank, I don't know how much good Techron does. Doesn't mean it's bad; just that I don't know. What *will* get the water out for sure is methanol. Run the tank pretty low, then toss in about a half-gallon just before filling with gasoline. Water is thoroughly miscible in methanol, so this is an effective way of scavenging it. I wouldn't do it often, because I suspect that the elastomers (rubbers) used in the fuel system may not stand up well to long-term methanol exposure. Somebody please jump in here and correct me if they know this to be wrong.

Find out where the local drag racers get their fuel. You'll find methanol in bulk there.

Larry Mittell

At 02:32 PM 12/23/1999 , you wrote:
>Oh!  I forgot to mention that I had changed both fuel filters and put in
>a fresh tank of gas with techron.  To no avail, it seems.  I hope someone
>can help me on this one!