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RE: just checking in

Your info is not correct. The '00 A4 1.8Ts have a drive-by-wire
system and that is the reason why no one has chips ready as of
yet. Keep an eye on audiworld.com's a4 forum if you want to know
exactly when the chips come out. Also, it seems that APR, GIAC
and Hoppen have the best chips for this engine; Neuspeed and
Autothority's chips are less powerful.

Taka Mizutani
'86 5kcstq
'99.5 A4tq

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	the a4 should be in by the second 10 days of january.
	i have a vin number and confirmation that it is on
	the boat.  also i snagged a personalized plate (now
	registered to the urq, to hold it) though all that's
	going to be a mess.  i am relatively certain that 
	neuspeed currently has a p-chip/k04/intake manifold
	kit for it, since i am told that the 00's (it's 
	pronounced "ought", get used to it folks, and nod 
	to your great grandparents ;) anyway the 00's have
	a regular cable rather than drive by wire system, 
	which apparently the passats have, so no chip yet
	for them.  i am thinking of going with new 
	dimensions down in santa clara.  very established
	shop, vw trained techs, etc.  that's also almost
	my home town, too, it's convenient.

	anyway, hi, and the solstice was yesterday.  the days
	only get brighter.

 rocky mullin - chaotic good
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