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83 4kTD service manual, car, and parts


I have put a Bentley repair manual for an '80-83 4k/coupe/gas/diesel/turbo-diesel
up on ebay, at:


I put it there because I have an 83 4k TD that I can't sell. This car has 172,0000
kms = ~ 108,000 miles, is in excellent shape as far as running gear and body,
but the motor is suffering from low compression. I don't have time to repair
it and if nobody buys the car, I will with sadness part it out to recoup some
of my investment. It's got the original factory mags, with 185/60R13 radials
with about a season left on them. The interior is almost like new; it's amazing.
The body has been oiled and is barely rusty underneath, which is the real sad

I live close to Ottawa, Canada, if anyone is interested. If you know that you'd
like parts, send me messages and I'll keep track of them. Once I decide to part
it out I'll then get back to you. After that I'll put the parts on ebay.

Jim Wallace