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Re: After Market Cylinderheads

In a message dated 12/23/99 11:45:15 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
Audi_80@email.msn.com writes:

<<  I was browsing through the Autotech website and I noticed a rather nice
 sounding cylinderhead for my engine.  It is called the Big Valve Crossflow
 head and is listed for 2.0L engines, but only VW '93-'95.  42mm intake, 34mm
 exhaust.  Although no pictures so not sure how to judge it.  Anyone know
 anymore about these cylinderheads?  Anyone know an e-mail address for
 Techtonics Tuning?
    Hey Alexander, I have actually driven a 2.0 VW with 42/36 valves inside a 
"Eurospec Head".  The motor will scream at high RPM, but the bottom end is 
really soft because of the large valves.  I would really question the need 
for intake valves that big, on a motor that small, for the street.  I think 
the best combo for that motor is to keep stock valve sizes 40/33, do a 
thorough port/polish of the head and intake, cam, and dual outlet 
downpipe/exhaust.  Raising compression slightly to 10.5 or 10.75:1 by shaving 
the head will help power too, but I would recommend an adjustable timing gear 
to fine tune the cam timing (which should be advanced anyway because it is 
quite retarded from the factory).  
    If you want my honest opinion on what many consider the best VW head in 
the world, it would be the Eurospec head.  It has been custom cast and 
redesigned.  In fact, Autotech, techtonics, and GPR all sell this head, and 
if you are interested give them a call and ask more about it...(be careful 
with Autotech, though, because they would much rather sell you one of their 
own heads..bigger margins  ;)