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Happy Holidaysand giving thanks (long)

Thanks to all of you for your help in making Audi ownership 
interesting and affordable yet again this year.

In the spirit of the holidays, I want to take a moment
(ok, maybe a _few_ minutes) to publicly
give thanks to some of the following folks, specifically:

A BIG thanks to Siobahn and Aine Simoes for letting Dan
making it the Quattro list possible.

Also thanks to Darin for the S cars list, Tasos for the 20v
list, and Brett for the 200 list.

I don't know how often I called upon Chris Miller's 200 or
Eric Renneisen's 20v websites for troubleshooting and

Thanks to Scott J, Phil P, and Dave E, for keeping it,
ahem "entertaining". This forum would be much too boring
if we always agreed on everything. We are all the better
for your respective knowledge, although we may take 
occasional umbrage with your individual opinions.

Thanks to Huw for keeping it "tongue in cheek" when things
got too serious. Thanks to Bob Myers for keeping us in
"stickers", calendars,  and "chemically correct". 

Thanks to John and Mark Nelson, and Jeff Goggin for
rescuing me from a potential ugly situation (broken
idle pulley bolt in a 3B engine block)

Thanks Tim at Northern European, Chris at Autobahn of NH, 
Rod at TPC, Linda and Didi at Carlsen, Mac at Clair, Paul
Weston, Jack at Northside, Jim at Blaufernugen. Without 
these extraordinary folk it would be difficult to maintain
our (let's face it when compare to the "other" automobile
Mfrs) low volume "niche" vehicles.

Finally, thanks to my other unnamed fellow listers- (ok, 
other than Paul Royal, Bonnie Irwin,  Ian Duff, Mark 
Besso, Bob D'Amato,  ;^P)
Thanks for giving me advice and guidance when I needed it, 
and also the ability to pass on the knowledge that I've 
gained in the past 5 years of Audi ownership and Quattro 

I hope that you all have happy, healthy. and safe holidays 
while driving your Audis or other vehicles in your "stable".

Kim, Peter, and Joseph (4mos) Schulz
1991 200 20v TQW
1990 CQ
Chelmsford MA USA